Who We Are

Chesapeake Smokehouse is located in Historic Annapolis where tourists and food lovers from around the world come to experience a slice of American History.

Our smokehouse believes in carrying on the ancient European curing and smoking methods to craft the finest smoked salmon and seafood products. Using a recipe of Applewood, fallen Oak, and Hickory we are able to create a delicate, yet, apparent smoke flavor to enhance and balance our hot and cold smoked products. Our slow, handcrafted micro batch approach allows us to create an unmatched depth of flavor and texture.

The Fish

We source our salmon from only the finest, sustainable, and eco-friendly farms. We take extreme measures to hold our suppliers to the highest standards possible and to begin our preserving process with the freshest available products. Additionally, each side of salmon is made then delivered per order and is never pulled from an inventory of previously completed product; Never Frozen; Never Vacuum Packed; Never wrapped in plastic! We produce on an a la carte basis especially for you!

Our Convictions

  • Finest product in = finest product out; It doesn’t matter how talented a craftsman you are, in the seafood business; quality and freshness outperform skill and mastery.
  • Hand selecting the wood for the smoking process falls directly behind hand selecting the fish. Just like the fish, each tree is different, that’s why we go to the saw mill in search of the finest timber to create our smoke
  • We don’t freeze or use frozen seafood. Scientifically, cells of fish become denatured upon freezing, whether slowly, quickly, or flash frozen. Denatured cells are changed and create an inferior product. Some methods are better than others, but one method always wins – Keep it fresh!
  • The Cut – We use trimmed salmon fillet at the start of our preservation or curing process. When we deliver the fish to you, it will be in that same state, an entire side of salmon fillet. At times, when we are asked specifically to slice the fish, we use the vertical cut, or a sashimi style cut. No diagonal, thin, or long cuts across the top of the fillet. Simply straight down, quarter inch thick, and remove the skin.